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There are many variations when it come to UPVC Locking mechanisms and many factors to consider e.g. type of locking operation. There are five types of locking operations and numerous measurements. A complete Double glazing or Composite door locking system requires multiple partse.g. multipoint locking system, handle and Cylinder.

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TS007 Star Rating Explained

Some home insurance providers require your doors to be installed with TS007 3 star rating locks, this can be achieved by combining a TS007 2 star rating handle with a TS007 1 star rating cylinder. This can also be achieved by installing a TS007 3 star cylinder. 

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TS007 Star Rating

The Door and Hardware Federation (DHF) and the Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF) launched a star rating system to guide homeowners when purchasing cylinders and security hardware.

  • TS007 1* cylinders have been test against all known methods of forced entry, including picking and manipulation
  • TS007 3* cylinders have been test against all known methods of forced entry including lock bumping and lock snapping.
  • A one star rating cylinder can be used in conjunction with a TS007 2* rating security hardware e.g. British Standard Kitemarked handles or security escutcheons to achieve a TS007 3* rating
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What is a multipoint locking system?

Multipoint locking systems (MPLS) are commonly used on residential UPVC doors or Composite doors. A multipoint locking system consists of a minimum of three locking points which can consist of hooks, rollers or bolts and a latch. The MPLS system is operated by the handle then locked with a key. The key can be changed at any point without replacing the complete double glazing door lock, this can be achieved by changing the euro cylinder e.g. lost keys. 

UPVC Front Door

Using a UPVC door multipoint locking system

Double Glazing Front Door

When using a UPVC door lock you should not need to use excessive force to lock the door, if for any reason you find yourself having to use excessive force on the UPVC handles or keys to lock the door, it is advised that you contact a professional locksmith. Delaying to call a locksmith can result in further damage, increased costs and risk to your property.

Do I Have A Failed UPVC Locking System?

If your UPVC door handle drops, feels loose or makes a grinding noise when operated you may have a failing double glazing door lock mechanism. There are many ways to spot a failing UPVC door lock mechanism eg. one or more locking points fail to operate, the key will not turn freely or the need to use excessive force. On many occasions a UPVC door adjustment or a UPVC lock barrel change is all that is required.


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